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Dr. Mathias Brunbauer


About Dr. Mathias Brunbauer

Dr. Mathias Brunbauer has already helped several thousand couples with their desire to have children.

Before he joined WUNSCHKIND as medical director in 2018, he was medical director of the KinderWunschKlinik Loimer for six years in Vienna and three years as Senior Physician at the LKH St. Pölten (Fertility Center for Children).

Born in Vienna, he studied in Graz, Vienna and Barcelona and is himself a father of three. He is a specialist in general medicine and gynecology and obstetrics. In addition, he holds the Medical Council Diploma in Psychosocial Medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine.

He regularly lectures at various annual conferences of the IVF-Fachgesellschaften and attends several specialist congresses every year.

At WUNSCHKIND he is supported by an experienced team of experts, who competently and sensitively look after couples who a a wish for a child.

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Arztzitat - Dr. Mathias Brunbauer

Dr. Mathias Brunbauer

Medical director | SPC for gynecology and obstetrics | IVF-specialist

"I am convinced that the decision to have a family comes from a deep inner longing for a successful life and a positive future.“


  • Study of human medicine in Graz, Vienna and Barcelona; Training as an ambulance worker
  • From 1997 trained as a general practitioner in Vienna and Lower Austria
  • Since 2001 training as a specialist in gynecology at the Wilhelminenspital of the City of Vienna and at the AKH Vienna.
  • 2008-2011 Senior Physician at today's University Hospital St. Pölten
  • 2011-2017 Medical Director of the KinderWunschKlinik Loimer in Vienna
  • From 2018 founder and medical director at WUNSCHKIND.