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Has your wish for a child so far remained unfulfilled? The long-awaited pregnancy has not yet occurred? You want to be competently and sensitively advised and supported on your path to a desired child? During this time you want to be accompanied by people who take your concerns, your questions, your fears and concerns seriously, taking into consideration you as a whole?

We will gladly help you fulfill your wish for a child. We are committed to helping people wishing for a child, standing by with advice, action and sensitivity. We use every opportunity to get you to pregnancy. The following things await you:

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The small WUNSCHKIND team attaches great importance to personally accompanying each patient through the desire to have children.

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Our goal is to fulfill your desire for a baby. For this we use all necessary medical possibilities.

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Dr. med Mathias Brunbauer, IVF expert, Wunschkind Clinic, 1010 Vienna

"I am convinced that choosing to have a family springs from a deep inner yearning for a happy life and a positive future."

Dr. Mathias Brunbauer

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, IVF specialist

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Dr. Mathias Brunbauer

Medical director | Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

Natascha Brunbauer-Veldhuizen


Mag. Carina Frank-Stuiber MSc., BSc.

Quality Management | IVF laboratory

Tamara Haslinger BSc, Msc

Head of IVF laboratory

Julia Gili DGKS

Diplomated nurse

Martina Schedlberger DGKS

Diplomated nurse

Franziska Weyrer BSc, Msc

IVF laboratory

Sandra Wegscheider BSc

IVF laboratory

Veronika Brunner

Diplomated nurse

Anna Wandaller

Ordination assistant

Dr. Maria Röthlisberger

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics | IVF specialist | Deputy medical direction | ÖGUM Stufe II

Birgit Kerschbaum DGKS

Diplomated nurse

Gerlinde Kurzweil

Ordination assistant

Dipl. Biol. Maria Kokotsaki MSc

IVF laboratory

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The reasons for unwanted childlessness are manifold.

In general, the desire to have children by many couples has been postponed because education and work have a higher interest. The best biological age for a pregnancy is often surpassed when the desire for a child becomes stronger. In the case of the majority of the couples, one or both of the partners has a physical impairment that prevents the couple from becoming pregnant. In women, these are mainly closed fallopian tubes, endometriosis and the PCO syndrome. In men, problems with sperm production and sperm transport cause fertility problems.

Mental stress, long-term stress, heavy overweight or underweight, excessive alcohol or nicotine consumption, drugs, excessive exercise, heavy work, low-vitamin diet and high radiation exposure have negative effects on fertility. Also, previously suffered  infections, such as mumps, can reduce the quality of semen.

Modern reproductive medicine offers, depending on the situation, several procedures to achieve a pregnancy. These include insemination and the various forms of artificial insemination (IVF, ICSI, P-ICSI).

Each fertility treatment starts with a detailed initial interview.

Afterwards, careful research will be carried out to identify the reasons why it is not natural for you. On the basis of the examination results, we determine an individual treatment plan for you and discuss it exactly with you. Depending on which treatment suits you, we will take care of the individual treatment steps and accompany you attentively and understandingly during this time.

In der Regel erwarten 60% der Paare nach sechs Monaten ein Kind. Nach zwölf Monaten sind 80 % der Frauen schwanger. Aber nicht in jedem Fall gehen die Pläne so auf. Deshalb setzen wir auf zusätzliche unterstützende Maßnahmen wie z.B.: Akupunktur, Yoga und Behandlungen zur Entspannung gegen Ängste ein, die die Chancen schwanger zu werden weiter erhöhen. Wir helfen Frauen mit großer Leidenschaft dabei, endlich ein Baby zu bekommen.

Mit eigenen Eizellen schwanger zu werden ist bis zum 45. Lebensjahr möglich, besonders wenn man zuvor noch kein eigenes Kind bekommen hat. Hat man jedoch bereits ein oder mehrere Kinder, so ist eine Schwangerschaft auch nach 45 noch möglich. Dr. Brunbauer erlebte bereits Schwangerschaften mit bis zu 47 u. 48 Jahren. Ist auch dieses Alter überschritten, ist nur mehr eine Eizellspende möglich.

A good fertility clinic must enjoy your trust.

Fertility treatment presents a big challenge for most couples. Therefore, it is important that the team treating you not only has the latest medical knowledge, extensive experience and the most up-to-date technical equipment. It is also of enormous importance that you feel well advised and supported in your desire for children.

Your fertility clinic should therefore offer you a familiar and personal ambience in which you and your partner feel completely comfortable. And not least, she should have a high pregnancy rate.

None, unfortunately. In most countries, unwanted childlessness is not considered a disease and therefore does not fall under the obligation of the health insurance companies. Since 2000, there has been the Austrian IVF Fund, which under certain circumstances covers around 70% of the costs of fertility treatment.

Since 2018-06-01 we have a contract with the IVF Funds in the Wunschkind Clinic.

In order for a pregnancy to develop, many complex physical processes have to run in concert. A healthy, balanced diet supports the body. In contrast, a low-vitamin diet can have a negative impact on fertility.

Yes, if he is not operated excessively. Exercise is healthy and promotes well-being. Over-training, however, is detrimental. If you practice extreme sports, a break or at least a reduction of your training time during the child wish period is recommended. Especially suitable are endurance sports such as jogging, walking or swimming, as well as yoga. Attention Doping: Testosterone preparations significantly reduce sperm production!

Desired couples opt for a couple for offspring and therefore should work together to fulfill this wish.

Accordingly, it is equally true for men that a healthy diet is helpful and nicotine consumption is a hindrance. Stay in conversation with your partner, show understanding and tolerant. Do not consider unwanted childlessness as a personal failure. Together with your partner, contact a fertility clinic of your choice and use the possibilities of modern reproductive medicine.

Die WHO hat definiert, dass nach einem Jahr regelmäßigem Geschlechtsverkehr ohne Verhütung eine natürliche Schwangerschaft eingetreten sein sollte. Ab dann ist die natürliche Wartezeit überschritten. Kommt es trotz einer längeren Phase ungeschützten Geschlechtsverkehrs nicht zu einer Schwangerschaft, ist eine Abklärung der Ursachen ratsam.

Kinderwunschpaare, die älter als 38 Jahre sind, sollten uns bereits nach einer Wartezeit von sechs Monaten aufsuchen und den Ursachen auf den Grund gehen. Zögern Sie nicht unsere professionelle Hilfe in Anspruch zu nehmen.

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