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The revision of the Reproductive Medicine Act in January 2015 has made it possible for women in a same-sex partnership in Austria to now also undergo artificial insemination with the support of the Austrian IVF Fund and thus fulfill their dream of having a desired child.

Fertilization can be performed by intrauterine insemination or by an IVF method, in either case using donor sperm. Which method is more suitable is discussed individually with the couple by our IVF experts. There is a cooperation between our clinic and the European Sperm Bank (www.europeanspermbank.com), which has a large selection of donors and delivers the samples directly to our clinic on order. Of course, it is also possible to bring someone from your family or acquaintances who agrees to be a donor.

Important: Partial coverage of costs by the

IVF Fund

is in principle only possible if the partner who intends to carry the child to term has one of the following medical indications:


  • Age indication: the woman carrying the child must not have reached the age of 40 at the start of treatment, and the partner must not have reached the age of 50.
  • Citizenship: the partners must either be Austrian citizens, citizens of an EEA member state or of the Swiss Confederation, have a valid residence title in Austria or be entitled to asylum. In the latter case, an individual verification of eligibility by the IVF Fund will follow.
  • Notarial deed: a consent to the treatment in the form of a notarial deed according to the Reproductive Medicine Act has to be submitted.
  • Residence: at least one of the partners must have registered her main residence in Austria.
  • Insurance: both partners must have statutory or private health insurance.



The Austrian IVF fund supports 4 treatments by covering about 70% of the costs per attempt - the couple only has to pay a deductible of 30% of the costs. In case of pregnancy with confirmation of positive heart action of the child, the attempts "used up" until then are credited, so that the couple again has 4 full attempts available.


Eine weitere Möglichkeit der Kinderwunschbehandlung stellt die intrauterine Insemination (IUI) dar, welche allerdings vom IVF-Fonds finanziell nicht unterstützt wird. Auch die Kosten für den Spendersamen sind zur Gänze vom Paar selbst zu tragen.
Eine zusätzliche Möglichkeit für lesbische Paare ist die ROPA-Methode (Receiving Oocytes from the Partner), bei der eine In-vitro-Fertilisation unter Beteiligung beider Partnerinnen und eines Samenspenders durchgeführt wird. Konkret bedeutet dies: Eine Partnerin stellt ihre Eizellen zur Verfügung, welche befruchtet und bei der anderen Partnerin eingesetzt werden, sodass diese das Baby austragen kann. Die ROPA-Methode ist seit 2015 in Österreich gesetzlich erlaubt.

Another possibility of fertility treatment is intrauterine insemination (IUI), which, however, is not financially supported by the IVF fund. The costs for the donor sperm must also be borne entirely by the couple themselves.
An additional option for lesbian couples is the ROPA method (Receiving Oocytes from the Partner), in which in vitro fertilization is performed with the participation of both partners and a sperm donor. Specifically, this means: One partner provides her eggs, which are fertilized and implanted in the other partner so that she can carry the baby to term. The ROPA method has been legally permitted in Austria since 2015.