[Translate to English:] Wunschkind - Klinik Dr. Brunbauer: Psychologische Begleitung
[Translate to English:] Wunschkind - Klinik Dr. Brunbauer: Psychologische Begleitung

Psychological support

Unfulfilled desire for children strains the psyche and affects the relationship. A variety of different emotions determines this phase of life. Tensions, stress and conflicts can arise. If one decides for a fertility treatment, then there are even more emotional challenges.

Psychological support in period of longing for a child helps to reduce the burden and to improve the quality of life. Having a good emotional basis also increases the chances of the long-awaited and longed-for child.

Not only is the treatment of the physical aspects important to us. We advise and support you comprehensively. Your physical and mental well-being is very important to us. We therefore see it as a matter of course to accompany you, on request, psychologically through the desire for children.

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"The desire to have children often brings with it physical and mental stress. We help you to master this challenging time well."

Stress factors in the time when waiting for a child

In modern life planning, the fulfillment of the wish to have children is often postponed. After education, job and career are first on the agenda. Establishing a family is postponed until one has achieved  professional, financial, and personal relationship stability.

There is often a long period between the first thoughts of having a child and the decision to conceive. Many couples then have the unexpected and unpleasant experience that children are not planable and feasible like professional projects are. If the desired pregnancy does not occur after a long period of time, feelings of shame, rage, anger, and disappointment can spread and poison the quality of life. The relationship of the couple suffers. In the hope that a natural conception can still work, the couple’s  sexuality is increasingly goal-oriented. Romance and eroticism decrease.

Rollercoaster of feelings

Affected couples often look for the causes of limited infertility in their own behavior and hope, through lifestyle changes, to improve the conditions for pregnancy. The individual life concept is questioned, the relationship is analyzed. So often a long time goes by, in which hope and disappointment alternate and which becomes a roller coaster of emotions.

The longer the desire for a child remains unfulfilled, the more the psychological burden increases. Doubts, fears and the self-imposed pressure to succeed increasingly determine everyday life. Not infrequently it comes to depressive moods and social withdrawal. The whole life is focused on this one goal and the personal and shared happiness depends on the fufillment.

Gentle support

Fertile fertility treatments unintentionally bring childless couples closer to their goal, but they are often experienced as stressful. The fears, doubts and worries remain present. The spiral of negative thoughts continue. Our therapists have a lot of experience in accompanying couples who wish for children.

They help:

  • relieve tension and improve communication
  • To explore one's own state
  • clarify the emotional needs
  • develop new perspectives
  • develop alternatives
  • define life goals
  • you set your own limits
  • uncover unconscious fears
  • resolve pair conflicts
  • get acquainted with relaxation methods
  • strengthen your own emotional power
  • adjust your inner attitude
  • find the personal balance

The support of our experienced therapists helps you cope with the situation better and cope with your desire for children with the least possible emotional stress. They offer compassionate, emotional support during the challenging time of family planning and founding.



Fulfill your desire for a child.
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No, the psychological accompaniment is not a duty but an offer to you.

The desire for children is emotionally challenging. Psychological support helps reduce stress and improve quality of life. With a good emotional base also increases the chances of the long-awaited wish child.

We see it as a matter of course to accompany you on request also psychologically through the desire for children. Our therapists have a wealth of experience and can help you, among other things, to relieve tension and improve communication, explore one's own condition, clarify your emotional needs, set your limits and strengthen your emotional power, according to your personal needs.

If the desire to have children has been unfulfilled for a long time, most couples find it difficult to remain relaxed and relaxed. Relaxation is a personal topic. There is no patent remedy for it. While some refuel in sports, others might enjoy a cozy dinner or a few hours in the reading chair. It is helpful to listen mindfully and consciously to decide what relieves and provides an inner time-out.

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