[Translate to English:] Wunschkind - Klinik Dr. Brunbauer: Eggfreezing
[Translate to English:] Wunschkind - Klinik Dr. Brunbauer: Eggfreezing

Egg freezing

Egg freezing and social egg freezing allow young women to freeze their eggs. As a result, they are available at a later date for artificial insemination. The desire to have a baby can be realized by this method even at an advanced maternal age. Egg freezing gives women the option to postpone their family planning.

The reasons might be the following:

  • You want to promote education and career first.
  • The relationship should be strengthened first.
  • The right partner has not been found yet.
  • You want to enjoy life carefree and unrestricted.
  • You strive to create a stable financial and social foundation first.

Egg Freezing means women freeze young eggs as a reproductive precaution.

Egg freezing is allowed in many countries. In Austria, however, legal restrictions apply.

Egg Freezing in Austria

Social freezing, which is the freezing of eggs without medical indication, is prohibited in Austria. Egg cells may only be removed and stored if there is a risk of loss of fertility due to physical suffering or therapy (e.g. chemotherapy) - they should not be cryopreserved for reasons of simpler family planning.

The medical need is given among others in these cases:

  • Ovarian cysts or endometriosis: surgery may also require the removal of parts of the ovary.
  • Treatments that can harm the ovaries.
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes mellitus
  • Cancer treatments, in which oocytes are destroyed by chemo- or radiotherapy or in which the ovaries must be removed.

chances of success

Egg freezing is a way to induce pregnancy at a later date. 60 - 85% of all women who use frozen eggs for artificial insemination become pregnant. There is no guarantee, however.The success depends largely on the age of the woman at the time egg cells were frozen, as well as during artificial insemination.

Since the number of oocytes decreases with age, chances of success are the highest if the oocytes were removed and cryopreserved before the age of 35.  Another reason is, that the risk of genetic defects increases: in a 30-year-old woman, about every fourth ovum is chromosomally healthy, whereas at the age of 40, only one egg cell out of 6-8 is in perfect condition.

In principle, you should not postpone your family planning too far into the future. The younger you are at the onset of the fertilized egg, the smoother the pregnancy and the lower the risks for your baby.

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Cryopreservation of oocytes

We are happy to assist you if you want to freeze eggs before starting a treatment or because of your genetic predisposition. Our team has years of experience in cryopreservation. Our laboratory meets the latest technical standards. Our clinic offers you the necessary confidentiality. After a detailed initial consultation, we plan your treatment in detail.

After the initial consultation, we first perform all necessary gynecological examinations. On the basis of the examination results, we will plan the next steps. Usually we carry out a hormone stimulation to mature several egg cells. At their optimal maturity we aspire the oocytes through the vagina, during a small, painless intervention, which is carried out in sedoanalgesia (short anesthesia).

The extracted egg cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored for you. If possible, we store up to 30 oocytes, so that a sufficient number is available for a later artificial insemination. The majority of egg cells survive the freezing without getting any harm and their quality does not decrease, even if they are stored for years. As soon as you want to get pregnant, we thaw the eggs during the course of an artificial insemination (IVF) and insert them into your uterus after fertilization.

Take advantage of the possibilities of modern medicine. Arrange an initial meeting with us.
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