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You would like to know why your desire for children is still unfulfilled after a long time? It is important for you to find the reason why pregnancy has not occurred to you so far? Are you considering taking advice and help from a fertility clinic and would you like to know what awaits you?

Our goal is to provide you with optimal medical and human support through your desire to have children. We want to do the best we can to fulfill your wish for a baby.
This includes:

  • Sufficient time for you to get to know us, ask your questions and voice your concerns.
  • A detailed diagnosis according to the latest medical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive and comprehensive information on all possibilities and measures that are suitable for you.
  • The thorough discussion of the best treatment for you, which of course we will coordinate exactly with you.

Always open to our team for your wishes and concerns.

Dr. Brunbauer, Ihr wunschkind-Experte in Wien

Wir wollen das Bestmögliche tun, damit Ihr Wunsch nach einem Baby sich erfüllt. Dazu gehört:

  • Ausreichend Zeit, in der Sie uns kennen lernen, Ihre Fragen stellen und Ihre Anliegen vorbringen können.
  • Eine ausführliche Diagnose gemäß den neuesten medizinischen Kenntnissen.
  • Umfassende und verständliche Informationen über sämtliche Möglichkeiten und Maßnahmen, die für Sie in Frage kommen.
  • Die gründliche Besprechung der für Sie optimalen Behandlung, die wir selbstverständlich genau mit Ihnen abstimmen.

Wir haben stets ein offenes Ohr und bemühen uns um Ihre Wünsche und Sorgen.

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Wunschkind clinic Dr. med Brunbauer: Quote diagnostics

"A careful clarification of the causes of the unfulfilled desire for children is the first milestone on the way to your desired child."


How does diagnostics work in detail?

first meeting

The first step to the desired child is always a detailed initial conversation. Appointments are possible with us by appointment at any time. We take one hour for each pair so we:

  • get to know each other,
  • Clarify your medical history (anamnesis) and
  • develop a strategy for further treatment.

You can contribute to the success of your first conversation with us by bringing all the existing findings with you. With the first interview we lay the foundation for the further steps. Therefore, it is good if we can involve both partners from the beginning. If your time permits, it is an advantage to be a couple on the first call. This first appointment gives you the opportunity to address topics and questions that you are dealing with. Likewise, you can formulate your expectations and express your wishes.

It is important to us that you consult us well, are treated well and feel well overall. The first interview offers you the first opportunity to bring forward all the thoughts that are important to you. We listen and ask questions that help us better understand your situation. Of course, treat your information with the necessary sensitivity.

Clarification of the causes of the unfulfilled desire for children

Each fertility treatment precedes the clarification of the reasons for the previous childlessness. Man and woman are included in this diagnosis. With various investigations we go to the causes of the unfulfilled desire for children to the bottom.

Depending on the individual situation, we carry out one or more different examinations. We discuss all procedures in detail with you and inform you about their course.

Ultrasound examination of the woman

The gynecological ultrasound allows a fast, pain-free and reliable diagnosis. Through this vaginal, sonographic examination, we can find out if there are abnormalities in the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes. In addition, ultrasound allows us to more accurately assess the uterine wall and uterine lining. The ultrasound is combined with a palpation examination. This also serves to change, z. B. thickening, to discover. If necessary, a smear will be made during the examination.

We remove secretions from the vagina with a cotton swab. This sample is tested in the laboratory for bacteria and fungi. A smear is only necessary if the last swab was taken more than nine months ago. With these investigations we gain indications of possible illnesses and can draw first conclusions.

Determination of the hormone status of the woman

To determine if your hormone production is in order, we carry out what are known as endocrinological examinations. This allows us to clarify whether the interaction of your hormones works in the monthly cycle.

A first indication already provides the regularity of your cycle. A cycle covers the period from the first day of the menstrual period to the last day before the next menstruation. This period usually takes 28 days. If your cycle matches this pattern, everything is usually fine. Frequent bleeding or an irregular cycle, however, indicate hormonal imbalances.

Verification of Fallopian tube continuity (HyCoSy)

For pregnancy, open and functional fallopian tubes are an important prerequisite. Once the spermatozoa or fertilized ovum has moved to the uterus, the desire to become naturally pregnant remains unfulfilled. Therefore, it is of great importance for the fertility treatment to test the patency of the fallopian tubes.

For this we carry out an ultrasound examination of the fallopian tubes. This so-called Hydro Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) is an almost risk-free and gentle examination. A catheter is inserted into the vagina and a contrast agent injected into the uterus. This contrast agent empties from the uterus into the fallopian tubes. This makes it very clear in the ultrasound whether both fallopian tubes are open or whether a closure disturbs the patency.

In some women, this study has not only diagnostic effect, but also therapeutic: After this "flushing" increases the natural pregnancy rate in the following three months.

Examination of fertility of the man: spermiogram

The fertility of a man depends on his sperm (sperm). With a semen test (semenogram) we check the fertilization ability of the sperm.

In a conversation before the examination, we analyze the medical history and explain the course of the investigation:

  • Two to three days before the semen test you should have no ejaculation.
  • The semen sample you can win in our clinic by masturbation (masturbation). A space with the necessary privacy is available.
  • The sample is examined directly in our laboratory.

The spermiogram gives us information about the number of sperm, their mobility and their shape. We also check the ph value and some other criteria. If the test results are outside the normal range, further examinations can clarify or initiate necessary therapies. Often there is no evidence of limited fertility in the results. Nevertheless, the spermiogram helps us to fulfill your wish for a child.

Because we use all the test results to determine which treatments or methods of artificial insemination come into question for you.

Do you value personal advice? Arrange an initial meeting with us.



That depends on your individual situation.

Man and woman are included in the diagnosis. We discuss all necessary examinations in detail with you and inform you about the procedure. Possible investigations include an ultrasound examination of the woman, the determination of the hormone status of the woman, the examination of the tubal patency (HyCoSy) and a semen test (spermiogram) in men.

The initial interview serves to get to know each other, to clarify your medical history and to develop a strategy for your further treatment. Contribute to the success of your first conversation with us by bringing all existing findings. Use our "Initial interview checklist" for your preparation. This first appointment with us gives you the opportunity to address topics and questions that you are dealing with. You can formulate your expectations and express your wishes.

It is important to us that you consult us well, are treated well and feel well overall.

As a rule, we conduct an ultrasound examination on the woman during the initial interview in order to gain a first insight into your situation.

The so-called Hydro Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) is an almost risk-free and gentle examination. It lasts around five to ten minutes. This may cause mild, menstrual pain that quickly fades away.

No, the examination is performed on an outpatient basis without anesthesia.

No, as a rule, the examinations remain complication free. In very rare cases, as a result of a HyCoSy, allergic reactions to the contrast agent or to uterine inflammation occur.

In principle, this would be possible, but we prefer if the semen sample is obtained from us in the Wunschkind-Klinik. We provide you with a discreet space in which your privacy is maintained. The main reason is that no more than 60 minutes should elapse between ejaculation and examination of the sperm. The temperature also plays an important role. In addition, only special containers may be used to prevent contamination of the semen sample.

In the clinic, the optimal conditions are met to enable a precise semen findings.

We examine the spermogram quickly. Usually you get the results after 30 minutes.

Laut WHO liegt ein unerfüllter Kinderwunsch vor, wenn nach einem Jahr regelmäßigem Geschlechtsverkehr ohne Verhütung keine natürliche Schwangerschaft eintritt. Ab dann sollten Sie die Ursachen abklären. Dazu gehört ein Spermiogramm.

Wenn Sie das Spermiogramm im Rahmen einer Kinderwunschbehandlung bei uns in der Klinik machen, informieren wir Sie gerne über alle Preise, über Förderungen durch den IVF-Fonds und über Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten.

Mit einem Spermiogramm beurteilen wir die Fruchtbarkeit des Mannes. Dabei bewerten wir die Qualität Ihrer Spermien nach verschiedenen Kriterien. Dazu gehören die Anzahl der Spermien im Ejakulat, die Form, die Beweglichkeit, die Verflüssigungszeit, das Volumen des Ejakulats, die Viskosität (ob die Samenprobe zähflüssig ist), den pH-Wert, die Farbe und die Vitalität (wieviele lebende Spermien im Ejakulat enthalten sind). 

Zunächst informieren wir Sie ausführlich und vereinbaren einen Termin mit Ihnen. Mindestens drei Tage vor diesem Zeitpunkt sollten Sie sexuell enthaltsam sein. Sie sollten am Tag des Spermiogramms keine Erkältung, Entzündung oder Fieber haben, da dies das Ergebnis beeinträchtigen kann. In unserer Klinik haben wir einen diskreten Raum, in dem Sie mittels Masturbation die Samenprobe gewinnen, die wir untersuchen. Die Ergebnisse und daraus folgende Behandlungsempfehlungen besprechen wir mit Ihnen und Ihrer Partnerin in einem Folgetermin.

Eine vollständige Spermienproduktion dauert 96 Tage. Prinzipiell kann nach einer Krebsbehandlung nach rund 12 Wochen ein Spermiogramm gemacht werden. Allerdings hängt die Regeneration der Fruchtbarkeit von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, z. B. von der der Höhe der Behandlungsdosis oder vom Alter des Patienten. Oft ist das Spermiogramm bereits vor der Krebsbehandlung eingeschränkt. Holen Sie den Rat Ihres behandelnden Arztes ein, bevor Sie ein Spermiogramm planen. Vor allem bei Hodentumor kann die vollständige Erholung bis zu drei, in bestimmten Fällen bis zu neun Jahre dauern.

Wenn das Ergebnis Ihres Spermiogramms nicht auf einer Vorerkrankung beruht oder genetische Gründe hat, sollten Sie über eine Lebensstilveränderung nachdenken. Rauchen, viel Alkohol, Übergewicht und übermäßiger Stress wirken sich negativ auf die Spermienqualität aus. Gesunde Ernährung, regelmäßiger Sport und emotionales Wohlgefühl helfen, die Spermienqualität zu verbessern.

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