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The exact causes of this disease are not known. In endometriosis, tissue lesions develop in different parts of the body, which can cause cysts, adhesions, inflammation and scarring.

Endometriosis often causes severe menstrual pain, pain before, during and after sex, bleeding disorders in the form of very long or very heavy periods, lower abdominal pain, nausea and malaise. The disease is often accompanied by an increased susceptibility to infection. Lack of drive, mild fever or back pain are also among the symptoms.

Endometriosis mainly affects women in the period between their first menstrual period and menopause. 10 to 15 percent of all women in this age range have endometriosis. That is about 300,000 women in Austria.

The disease is clearly diagnosed by surgery, usually with laparoscopy. If you think you are affected, consult your gynecologist or come directly to us at the Wunschkind Clinic. Your suspicions will be checked with a palpation examination and an ultrasound.

Since endometriosis cannot be cured, therapies aim to relieve the symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease. Surgery can remove the endometriosis lesions. Hormone therapies are used to suppress symptoms. Clarify which therapy is most promising for you.

See your gynecologist or an expert in endometriosis and get certainty. If you have a desire to have a child, just come directly to us. We will determine if your suspicions are correct, or if not, where your symptoms are coming from and how we can best help you.

40% of women affected by endometriosis do not get pregnant naturally because of the disease. Get certain about your situation if you have endometriosis and wish to have a baby. Also, if you are affected by infertility due to endometriosis, you have several options to still get pregnant. We will gladly inform you about the different forms of therapy and accompany you in your desired child treatment.

Depending on your initial situation, different options open up: Hormone treatment, insemination or one of the two forms of artificial insemination. We will examine you in detail and then recommend the therapy that is best for you.