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Initial consultation / Spermiogram

We would like to advise you optimally and clearly, therefore we point out the costs involved in the first appointment:

Initial consultation€ 150,-
Spermiogram incl. discussion of findings€ 130,-
* Changes and mistakes reserved. All prices incl. 10% VAT.


The following services are to be paid by you as a couple as a deductible if you are entitled to co-financing from the Austrian IVF Fund*:

Leistungwith IVF fund subsidy**
IVF under 35 years€ 1.047,91
IVF 35 to 40 years€ 1.118,36
ICSI under 35 years€ 1.116,20
ICSI 35 to 40 years€ 1.230,65
Cryo-cycle€ 275,16
* The Austrian IVF Fund covers 70% of the costs per attempt and finances a maximum of 4 attempts per couple. About the IVF fund Requirements
** Indicative prices, as dependent on drug consumption. Changes and mistakes reserved. All prices incl. 10% VAT.

IVF Fund prerequisites

The IVF Fund Law provides the following requirements:

  • The couple wishing to have a child must be in a current marriage or a notarial act is required according to the Reproductive Medicine Act.
  • Age limits: At the beginning of the fertility treatment, the woman who intends to carry the child to term must not have reached the age of 40. The man or the partner must not have reached the age of 50.
  • Health insurance: Proof of benefit responsibility must be available for both partners (statutory health insurance, health care institution, private Austrian / foreign health insurance). Citizenship: Austrian citizen, citizen of EEA member state, citizen of the Swiss Confederation, residence title, residence permit plus, person entitled to asylum (individual case approval).
  • Registration form: one of the two partners must be registered in Austria (main residence).
  • Medical requirements: Female infertility (endometriosis, tubal impairment, polycystic ovary syndrome) and/or male infertility.

If it is unclear to you whether you as a couple meet the requirements for cost coverage by the Austrian IVF Fund, we will be happy to help you.


IVF incl. medication, ultrasound, sedoanalgesia, RI Witness€ 5.740,-
ICSI incl. drugs, ultrasound, sedoanalgesia, RI Witness€ 6.240,-
* Guideline prices, as dependent on medication consumption. Changes and mistakes reserved. All prices incl. 10% VAT.


Fallopian tube patency test
With the help of a contrast agent and ultrasound guidance, it is possible to check the patency of your fallopian tubes.
€ 350,-
Assisted hatching
Occasionally, the egg membrane may not thin out as the embryo grows. However, to allow the embryo to hatch, the egg membrane is thinned or opened using a laser shortly before embryo transfer.
€ 220,-
Embryo Glue is a special embryo transfer medium. The culture medium contains the active ingredient hyaluron, which has a positive effect on the attachment of the embryo to the uterine mucosa and subsequently on implantation.
€ 220,-
Immunotherapy with immunglobulins (10g)
Immunotherapy with immunoglobulins can be used when the mother's immune system recognizes the embryo as foreign and therefore (either) implantation or miscarriage cannot occur. And therefore prevents implantation and miscarriage.
€ 800,-
Limo - Intralipid Immunmodulation
This is an infusion that helps to increase the implantation rate as well as the maintenance of pregnancy. LIMO is especially recommended in case of repeated miscarriage rate.
€ 200,-
Calcium - Ionophore
The use of Calcium Ionophore can significantly increase the fertilization and pregnancy rate in most cases. Calcium ionophore is used after an ICSI cycle that has failed.
€ 250,-
* Guideline prices, as dependent on medication consumption. Changes and mistakes reserved. All prices incl. 10% VAT.