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WUNSCHKIND - Klinik Dr. Brunbauer, 1010 Vienna


Fulfilling the desire to have children is often linked to the question of financing. The WUNSCHKIND - Klinik Dr. med. Brunbauer in the heart of Vienna would like to make it possible for all those who wish to have children to fulfill this wish. The money should not fail. We have therefore agreed special conditions for you with the partner bank - the WUNSCHKIND-Klinik assumes all financing costs - you therefore pay 0% interest and pay no processing fees.

Flexible installment options are available from a treatment fee of EUR 1,000. You determine the amount of your monthly burden yourself by choosing the repayment term. Possible terms are up to 24 months.

If you present a valid debit card and a document of identification issued to you, a funding amount of up to EUR 4,000 is usually possible without proof of income.

Our cooperation partner reviews your application for financing discreetly, quickly and unbureaucratically. Once this has been approved, nothing stands in the way of your treatment!


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